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Ginger by Wolfkisses4bidden
Ginger Rivers (or rivera?) My little half demon mermaid! Tested out new paper and some neat pencils my mom found forever ago that are "artist pencils" I don't know the difference... But they are fun to use! Sorry the scanner ruined some colors, but using my phone to show this would be... Well it wouldn't look as nice with my old flip phone!

I know it's not the most fab. drawing ever, but I'm proud of it! Ginger and the drawing are mine. Orgins should link here or to my artsie blog.
Neezy *will upload a scanned version eventually* by Wolfkisses4bidden
Neezy *will upload a scanned version eventually*
My mom had this neat "professional" drawing thing she got at a yard sale and I kind of swiped it from her for curiosities sake. It has charcoal pencils (which is by far on thing I'm probably going to have to avoid for now), Markers (mostly avoid those), pencils of different "types" (like shaders, sketchers and stuff IDK the difference, but they were fun to use. I used the drawing and lining ones)

colored pencils (I have a ton but the peach color is the color I imagine her skin and not that overly yellow flesh or tan color. Granted people do how yellow undertones, but no one is THAT yellow it just never looked right. The pale pink was perfect for her hair and i added some darker pink from my own pencils. Green is a mix and her lips are a red from there but her ears and freckles that you can't see are brown that I have.)

I will try to eventually scan it, but it's on a large paper from a paper that's meant more for water colors and stuff (but I was curious and it does say you can use pencil it's just two stars instead of three) To date I think this is my best drawing and side "portrait" I always have problems with 1. head size 2. the lips 3. THE CHIN and the nose forehead curve. That MAY still be funky, but it's so far the best one I've drawn. Overall I'm proud of it considering it was a just go with it thing except me adjusting her nose two/three times.

And even though I doubt anyone would want to steal this because just WHY only I can't embarrass myself with my art and I'm putting it on my art tumblr in a bit.  I own neezy and my personal world blah blah.
Neezy painting by Wolfkisses4bidden
Neezy painting
Okay I will eventually try to get this and the drawing as well scanned along with one or two other things I'm just so lazy. SO SO LAZY.

This is a mixed media painting of neezy she's mostly paint and her hair also has colored pencils and it's pretty in person. Besides this which is still kind of sucky I can't really paint to save my life even though I have some other thins I've tried to paint for fun This was free hand and I didn't really draw anything past attempting her face and as you can see the eyes wonked up. like separately they're both nice, but they don't do on the same face ha. But since this was mainly to use up some paint I accidentally splurted too much of it's pretty decent to me

And even though I doubt anyone would want to steal this just please don't. Only I can (and have) posted this on tumblr. And only I should be allowed to embarrass myself with my attempt at arting especially in a field I'm like a baby in
Key 1 by Wolfkisses4bidden
Key 1
A key I panted! Ignore the tape I... I BROKE MY PRETTY KEY AND COULDN'T GET THE GLUE TO WORK! It took hours and i only have on size brush at the time for all the details and I nearly cred when it broke... I got it at a yard sale and got all the ugly bleh paint off then worked hard then it met the floor... Sad day that was.

Also I have NO idea how to tag this or even categorize it MEH!!!
I'm so bad at uploading and updating things sheesh! I have the request done I was asked awhile ago about (it took so long because I just couldn't get it to look right)
I'll upload the non beauty contest picture of faye later (then edit it because I don't think neopets allows textures in their drawings bah.)
Then whenever I'll get the sketchs uploaded because I'm stashing them right now to separate and go through later.
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I can be very moody sometimes with out warning. I have this account and icequeen1231 check there to see how much i've improved! I draw one character alot during certain times (example pixel and neezy) Neezy is my fav with her tail and ears. I've learned a bit on how to do expressions. I suck at spelling. I accept anyone as a friend and rp if you want to rp with me. I want to become a teacher i think when i'm out of highschool. Now I'll be a junior once school starts again.

Art isn't a major for me but i love trying to draw! I'm working on poses and such at the moment. If you have a livestream and i'm watching you more then likely im stalking it. Kidding! I love watching people draw! I won't start rp relationships (boyfriend girlfriend( till i know you or rped a while. Neezy is off limits for that kind of relationship you can flirt but man she probably won't figure out for awhile.

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